My Pepeha

LI: To write and say my pepeha.

To help us get to know each other we have written our pepehas. This allows us to make connections and form friendships. A pepeha is a way to introduce yourself in Maori. 

I found this activity amazing because I really liked to record myself saying my pepeha in Maori.  


Where’s Wally Step It Up / Kickstart

This week for the Summer Learning Journey we were doing Where’s Wally. Everybody likes the book so we can do a fun activity but it’s gonna be different. Instead of Where’s Wally we’re going to do ” Where’s Hasna?”. Miss Tele’a & Miss White were telling us what we have to do. She showed us the video & then showed us the slides & then we went off to get our chromebooks & started doing our Summer Learning Journey. I was half way done on my Summer Learning Journey & then I was finished 10 minutes later & then started blogging, did my title, started writing my caption for my blog & then linked my work onto my blog post.

Which One Dosen’t Belong Together Kick Start / Step It Up

For the Summer Learning Journey I made a slides called Which one Doesn’t Belong. I have a challenge for your reader. At the end of my slides I made my own one for you to figure out which one doesn’t belong there. It is just not one of the shapes it all them. Once you found your answer then comment it on the comment page. Come check it out. Guess Which One Doesn’t Belong might be a challenging comment on my blog so I can see your work so I can comment on yours.


This week I Iearn about HPE.

Fsirt I had to go and get our hat .

Next I had  to go outside and line up.

Then we had to go back insde the classroom.

I enjoy doing the HPE. I did well at doing my blog at the right timing.


Wonder Chapter 8-10

This term in reading we are diving into a novel study for the book “Wonder” by R.J. Palacio.  This week we are trying to understand the characteristics and personalities of key characters in the story.  We also practiced summarisation  skills by extracting relevant details from the text.

We had to read Part One Chapters 8-10 which was about Mr. Tushman into a small room across from Mrs. Garcia’s desk. He was talking as he closed the door to his office and sat down behind his big desk, though August wasn’t really paying much attention to what he was saying. August was looking around at all the things on his desk. Cool stuff, like a globe that floated in the air and a Rubik’s-type cube made with little mirrors.

Next, we used what we had read to answer our slides about the key characters.

I enjoyed reading the book. I need to improve on writing more details. I did well at blogging.

Figure it out – Gala

We are learning about solving skills and how to use our problems. I will give you one of my questions and answers. Here are the ideas that some of the students had. How many people do they think will visit each activity? Room 5 thinks one-quarter of the people at the gala will have a ride on the merry go-round, Room 6 thinks one fifth of the people will go to the ball-throwing stall, Room 7 thinks about half of the people will go play the gumboot throw, Room 8 thinks children likes to get their face painted. About half the people at the gala will be children, and about half the children at the gala will have their face painted & Room 8 thinks lots of people at the gala will get hungry. Three quarters of the people will visit the food stall.

First, Miss White told us to go to our figure it out slides and there are 14 slides to complete. Our task was to make a box using these materials. You need: A Classmate, Light Cardboard, Different shaped small boxes, Paints, Crayons, Or felt tip pens, Tape, Scissors, A ruler & Square grid paper. I went to the figure it out on slides.

Next, I had to finish slide 9 to 14. Slide 14 question was: Last year, Te Rata School held their gala in a nearby park that was this size and this shape. We had to figure out which one is bigger. The first one was 60 metres, 100 metres, 75 metres, 30 metres, 25 metres and 30 metres. The second one is 60 metres and 90 metres. For the first one I did 60 x 100 x 75 x 25 x 30 = 10125000000 and the second one is 60 x 90 = 5400. I picked the first one because it was bigger than the second one.

Lastly, I had to go on our figure it out slides and check through our work just to make sure we don’t make mistakes

I enjoyed doing this task. I did well at answering all of the questions on the google slide. I need to improve on doing more bar graphs about the school gala.

Happy Halloween

This week we have been making slides for halloween.

First, I took a photo and used Remove Background to put myself in a spooky setting/place. For the background I could either trace/draw the background or use google images to make the spooky setting.

Next, I made a halloween poster, it had to be appropriate for school and juniors students to see. I made a Ghost poster and it looked really cool.

Lastly I blogged what I have done this week.



This week for inquiry I had to find out what price these materials cost for my pencil case and book mark.

First, I had to put my designs into the google slides my teacher had for the whole group. Then I had to say what material I’m using for my pencil case and bookmark and what the cost of the material is for both of my designs.

Next, my partner or one of my group members would have to do feedback on my designs like what I did well at for colours and what could I have done to make it even better. My partner or one of my group members had to say this for the colours, material design and cost to make.

Lastly, I had to do this task for my school gala. I enjoyed this task.

Here is my work and my designs:

The Unknown Ghost Blurb

This week we were doing our story blurb if you don’t know what blurbs are the blurbs are the words at the back of a book & it’s telling you what the story is about. Here is my blurb:

There was an Unknown Ghost, Nobody knew how old he is some people say he is more than 1,000 yrs old, Most people are scared of him! He is known for the Sad & Scary Ghost. Apparently his father only know how old he is and his sister, He was nice until… His father went missing for 3 days, He looked out of the haunted house to see he wasn’t there… Sofia and Him was horrified because his father was missing. The Next Day passed Sofia went out looking for her father. He was sad that his father was missing, He was mad, His evil spirit came out and went to the town… Sofia knew this wasn’t gonna be good.